Our mud pump is an important part of oil drilling equipment, and mud pumps must be replaced often as parts wear out frequently. Based on this situation, our company focuses on the oil drilling industry and provides a wide range of drilling mud pumps, like the duplex mud pump and triplex mud pump for customers. The following products listed on this page are our drilling mud pumps and pump components, as well as other main oil drilling rigs. If you need other components for oil drilling equipment, please let us know, and we have the raw materials and equipment to make the products our clients demand.

    1. Mud Pump F Series
    2. Mud Pump F Series The F series mud pump is used for oil and gas drilling.
      Mud Pump, F-1300
      Rated Pressure (MPA)
      Cylinder Diameter (MM) :Φ180
    1. Mud Pump 3NB Series
    2. Mud Pump 3NB Series The 3NB series mud pump is designed to have optimized parameters, providing increased stroke and capacity. We reduce the stroke rate reasonably to improve suction capability and extend service life of wearing parts.
    1. Mud Pump PZ/7/8/9
    2. Mud Pump PZ/7/8/9 The mud pump PZ/7/8/9 is suitable for oil and gas drilling.
      The mud pump provides compact structure, light weight, small occupation and high efficiency.
    1. Mud Pump BW
    2. Mud Pump BW The BW series mud pump is a horizontal type, 3-cylinder, single-acting reciprocating piston pump.
      Mud Pump, BW160/10
      Cylinder diameter (mm):70
    1. Fluid End Module
    2. Fluid End Module As an important component on the fluid end of mud pump, our Rundong value module is made premium 8620 or 4135 alloy steel with forging, normalizing, rough machining and then quenching and tempering processes. In this way, the interior of the fluid end module will have hardness in the range of HB285 to HB330.
    1. Pump Liner
    2. Pump Liner Rundong’s mono-metal liner has its inner bore quenched with the carburized layer thickness as 1.5 to 1.8mm to achieve hardness of 58 to 60 HRC. The liner features high hardness, great corrosion resistance, no deformation and high surface finish.
    1. Piston Assembly
    2. Piston Assembly Piston is one of the wear parts consumed the most in mud pump for drilling system. Rundong manufactures pistons of various specifications, which can be applied on different drilling pumps, such as F series, 3NB series, P series, PZ series and UNB series.
    1. Piston Rod
    2. Piston Rod Our company provides piston rods and extension rods for different mud pumps including F series, 3NB series, QZ series, PZ series, P series, etc.
    1. Valve Assembly
    2. Valve Assembly Rundong’s valve body and valve seat are made of premium alloy steel though one-piece forging and carburizing treatment processes, thereby ensuring high intensity. In addition, precise calculation is performed and CNC machining is conducted for the dimensional matching of valve seat and valve body working...
    1. Pulsation Dampener
    2. Pulsation Dampener Rundong provides discharge pulsation dampener assembly, discharge pulsation dampener capsule and suction pulsation dampener capsule and related accessories, which all could be applied on different types of mud pumps such as F series, PZ series and P series, etc.
    1. Safety Valve
    2. Safety Valve Our shear safety valve is able to ensure normal operation of the mud pump in conditions with working pressure less than rated value. It comes in flange type and thread type. It features great flexibility in toggling on and off, small pressure-bearing area of the piston attached, easy resetting, good compatibility with most types of mud pumps.
    1. Flanges and Cylinder Parts
    2. Flanges and Cylinder Parts Rundong provides different flanges and cylinder parts, which include cylinder head, cylinder liner, valve cover, cylinder head flange and cylinder liner flange, etc. Those parts could be applied on various mud pumps, such as F series, 3NB series, PZ series and P series.
    1. Rubber Pump Parts
    2. Rubber Pump Parts Rundong provides varieties of rubber pump parts including piston rubber cup, valve rubber, seal ring, O-ring, gasket, etc. These rubber parts could be applied on different mud pumps, such as F series, 3NB series, PZ series and P series.
    1. Crosshead and Parts
    2. Crosshead and Parts Rundong manufactures crossheads, crosshead pins and crosshead slides for different mud pumps including F series, 3NB series, PZ series and P series. Our crosshead pins are made of premium structural alloy steel through one-piece forging process, while crossheads and crosshead slides are made...
    1. Crankshaft
    2. Crankshaft Rundong crankshaft is made of 4340 alloy steel with high content of nickel through forging process, significantly preventing the generation and propagation of cracks. Thanks to abundance of nickel, the crankshaft also features high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, static balance will be achieved...
    1. Pinion Shaft
    2. Pinion Shaft Rundong pinion shaft is made of 4340 alloy steel though forging process. With great precision, the double helical gear machined on the shaft will ensure smooth power transmission along the whole tooth width and reduce gear gap significantly. As a result, hammering caused by change of speed will be efficiently eliminated.
    1. Other Mud Pump Parts
    2. Other Mud Pump Parts Rundong offers drilling rig mud pumps and pump components. There are wide ranges of mud pump parts like bearings, manifolds, cross fittings, pump housings, clamps and others. Besides the components listed on this page, we can provide all of the mud pump components our customers’ demand.
    1. Hammer Union
    2. Hammer Union Model:Fig 100, Sizes:2", 3", 4", 6", 8"
      Model:Fig 200, Sizes:1" , 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", 6"
      Model:Fig 206, Sizes:1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", 6", 8"
    1. Drilling Hose
    2. Drilling Hose Our drilling hose is mainly applied in oil drilling and mud transport systems. It is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the drilling swivel which can move vertically. It makes connection quite easy and isolates vibration very well.
    1. Hydraulic Tools
    2. Hydraulic Tools Hydraulic hand pump is the component that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure, which in turn produces force in the cylinder. Hence, it usually acts as hydraulic power source for many industrial machines.
    1. Rubber Belt, V Belt
    2. Rubber Belt, V Belt Rundong provides different types of belts, which include A V-belt, B V-belt, C V-belt, D V-belt, E V-belt, 5V V-belt and 8V V-belt, etc.
    1. Pneumatic Clutch
    2. Pneumatic Clutch Rundong penumatic clutch comes in various types, including LT500/200 series, LT500/250 series, LT600/250 series, LT700/250 series, LT800/250 series, LT900/250 series, LT1070/200 series, LT1170/250 series, LT1120/300 series, LT1250/300 series, LT1168/305 series and LT965/350 series, etc.
    1. Oilfield Valves
    2. Oilfield Valves Main Types: Z23X-35-100 Gate Valve, Z23Y-35-100 Gate Valve, Z23X-35-75 Gate Valve, Z23Y-35-75 Gate Valve, Z23X-35-50 Gate Valve, Z23Y-35-50 , Gate Valve Z23Y-70-100 Gate Valve, Z23Y-70-75 Gate Valve, Z23Y-70-50 Gate Valve